Food Styling 101

Nicole's Classes is now offering Food Styling 101 as an online course. 


Food stylists are responsible for the amazing food creations on television, product packaging, in magazines and cookbooks. This special master class will give you the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade and position you to achieve effortless looking dishes that are camera ready.

Tara will show you the tools you need in a basic or extensive styling kit and share tips on the business side of food styling. She will explain the differences in the styles and techniques you may need for advertising, publishing or recreational posting. You will learn the importance of prop selection, cooking for the camera angle, ingredient choices and preparation. Among other things, Tara will demonstrate methods for hot and cold drinks, the perfect slice of cake, photo-ready ice cream and how to get that exquisite drip of syrup and pancakes on film.

Tara will help give you the confidence and skills to make food look supermodel-perfect in front of the camera.